a note from Morgan (Backup)

It is with great pride & excitement to launch my unique and custom-made jewelry line, REDDaccessories. I hand make every piece and these distinctive designs are either made entirely by me or I combine beautiful discoveries from around the world & make it my own. My whole collection is inspired and created for a woman who appreciates simplicity, elegance, and timeless beauty. She is fashion forward; her sense of style is quiet yet is not afraid to turn heads! Her appreciation of beauty is not just set on precious stones & metal, but thoughtful awareness of high-end custom jewelry that is glamorous, exclusive & relevant for decades to come.

All of my hand-made pieces complement each other; one can wear it as single piece or beautifully layer it with several other REDDaccessories items for a completely different loving look. The REDDaccessories pieces blend easily into any wardrobe, any time of the year. The whole line is at once delicate & structured, feminine & powerful, timeless and modern.

Please come along and join me on a fun and exciting journey. 
Together let’s contemplate the beauty in the world. 
Together let’s feel beautiful.




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