• Two days left & counting!

      Sawdust Festival will open its doorsthis coming Friday, July 2nd! Grounds are open every single day through September 5th.Hours are 11 ...
  • Guess where I'll be this summer??

    I'm excited to announce that I'll be showcasing my jewelry line at Sawdust Festival this summer! 
  • Artists Sunday is on Nov 29.

    I’ve joined artists and craftspeople across the country for the first annual Artists Sunday, a nationwide event, the Sunday after Thanksgiving, Nov...
  • Interview with Fashwire

    Fashwire is a global platform for the contemporary fashion industry and I'm thrilled to be on this platform! Here's my interview published on their "Designer Spotlight":
  • Why Argentium Silver?

     I knew of this new metal with higher silver content that performs better than sterling silver a while back & was intrigued. Still, I have to ...
  • How it all started

    As many of you know, writing is not my strength & I've put off writing blogs forever! With all that's going on around us, I've decided to push...


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